NeoAura empowers farmers to grow more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably.


The Struggle of Farmers

Imagine a world where agriculture is the backbone of feeding a rapidly growing population. Yet, farmers encounter countless hurdles along their journey. Unpredictable weather patterns, a lack of crucial soil information, and ineffective resource management pose significant obstacles to maximizing crop yields and profitability. However, what if there existed a transformative solution capable of empowering farmers with real-time insights and guidance?

Benefits of using neoIndus

Precision farming

neoIndus empowers farmers with insights that were previously inaccessible. With a comprehensive understanding of their fields, farmers can make data-driven decisions, fine-tune their farming strategies, and adapt to changing conditions effectively.

Increased yeilds

neoIndus offers tailored recommendations based on the collected data and advanced algorithms. Farmers can make adjustments to their irrigation schedules, nutrient application, and other cultivation practices, leading to healthier crops, improved productivity, and increased yields.


By utilizing neoIndus, farmers can adopt sustainable agricultural practices. Precise monitoring and targeted interventions minimize the use of water, fertilizers, and pesticides, reducing environmental impact, promoting ecological balance, and creating sustainable farming practices.

How to setup neoIndus

step by step guide to install neoIndus

Carefully unbox the neoIndus IoT device and inspect it for any visible damage. Ensure that all the components are included, such as the main device, soil sensors, cables, and instructions.

Evaluate your agricultural farm to determine the optimal locations for installing the soil sensors. Consider factors like representative soil areas, different crop types, and variations in field conditions. Select key areas that provide a comprehensive view of your farm’s soil health

Follow the provided instructions to install the soil sensors in the identified locations. Gently insert the sensors into the soil, ensuring they are securely placed at an appropriate depth for accurate data collection. Take care not to damage the sensors during installation.

Connect the main neoIndus device to a power source using the provided cables. Ensure a stable power supply for uninterrupted operation. It is also recommended to connect the device to a reliable internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or using an Ethernet cable.

Follow the provided instructions to configure the neoIndus device. This typically involves connecting to the device’s Wi-Fi network or accessing the device’s settings through a web-based interface. Enter the necessary network credentials and ensure the device is connected to the internet.

Using the device’s interface or accompanying software, pair and associate each soil sensor with its respective location or identifier within your farm. This step enables the device to differentiate and organize data from different sensor locations accurately.

Once the neoIndus device is connected and the sensors are paired, monitor and analyze the soil data through the monitoring platform. View real-time measurements, track trends, and gain insights into soil parameters such as moisture levels, temperature, and nutrient content.

Utilize the data and insights obtained from neoIndus to make informed decisions regarding irrigation schedules, fertilization, and overall farm management. Leverage the platform’s features and recommendations to optimize crop growth, resource management, and profitability.

Periodically check the device and sensors for any physical damage or abnormalities. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for firmware updates and device maintenance to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Check out our pilot testing work

The pilot project was conducted in Kollipara, located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India.
A total of 15 devices have been strategically installed across different crops and farming techniques, including organic and inorganic methods, to gather comprehensive data and insights.

What people say?

neoIndus is providing fascinating insights that have had a profound impact on the way I cultivate. The real-time data from my farm has revolutionized my decision-making process, allowing me to fine-tune irrigation schedules, optimize the nutrient application, and achieve healthier plants and improved yields. The convenience of remote monitoring and the platform's accessibility has made farming more efficient. Moreover, the sustainable practices enabled by neoIndus have reduced costs and environmental impact. I am grateful for this technology that has empowered me to become a better farmer and unlock the untapped potential of my land.
Sambi Reddy Jonnala
I am thrilled with neoIndus and the clarity it brings to the NPK values of my soil. The device has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to understand the nutrient requirements of my crops precisely. This knowledge has enabled me to optimize fertilizer usage, resulting in significant cost reductions on my capital expenditures. With neoIndus, I can confidently invest in the proper nutrients at the right time, ensuring efficient resource utilization and improved profitability. It's truly a remarkable tool for any farmer looking to make informed decisions and drive down costs.
D. S. Reddy

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